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Potential Evidence: Beta blockers before bypass surgery

Beta-blockers just before bypass may not benefit heart patientsAn analysis of data on 506,000 patients found that the use of beta-blockers the day before a heart bypass surgery did not improve outcomes and was linked to a slightly increased risk for atrial fibrillation. Researchers found no difference in the rate of mortality from surgery, or the rates of stroke, kidney failure or surgical-site infection between those who took beta-blockers and those who did not. The findings were published in JAMA Internal Medicine. HealthDay News (6/16)

Potential Evidence: Blood Sugar Levels for Young Diabetics

ADA releases new blood sugar target for young diabetes patientsThe American Diabetes Association released new guidelines that call for children and teens with type 1 diabetes to maintain HbA1C levels lower than 7.5%. The ADA also emphasized that treatment for pediatric patients should be personalized to attain best results. HealthDay News

Potential Evidence

Today, I am going to start a new category of posts. I am going to blog, potential, and I emphasize potential, evidence articles. We have seen the change in what we believe works and what doesn’t work over time. Studies come out and they purport to impact outcomes in one way or another. Some of these work out over time and some do not. There is a growing area of thought that more resources should be put into observational studies.

Without going into great detail, there are challenges and opportunities with these types of studies. I am not a researcher, nor a physcian. I do sit on the Board of Governors of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The PCORI Methodology Committee is working on standards for this type of research to supplement what already exists. While Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) are considered to the gold standard, they are costly and time consuming. Meanwhile, observational trials are reviewing actual data from patients like you and I and what we experience as a result of a drug, a therapy, a surgery, a procedure and so on.

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