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Overall health and dental health are intertwined

Dental Coverage and Health Issues

New research suggests having access to dental benefits leads to higher employee well-being. Employees with dental coverage visit the dentist more often than those without coverage. Americans who have dental benfits are more likely to say their well-being is better compared to those without dental coverage. A Delta Dental survey obtained the information from 1,003 adults.

Dental Coverage (% of americans who visit the dentist at least annually)

  • 78% – People with dental coverage
  • 52% – People without dental coverage

Health Issues

  • 16% – of Americans say they have missed work due to oral health issues beyond regular treatments.
  • 27% – of Americans say that they have unresolved oral health issues that they’d like to resolve.
  • 21% – of Americans say they’ve been advised that they have gum disease.

Source: Delta Dental Oral Health and Well-Being Survey, 2014

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