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BEA: Breakdown of Healthcare Spending By Disease Type

The Bureau of Economic Analysis analyzed healthcare spending by disease from 2000 to 2010. Here’s the percentage of total spending for each disease category:

Disease Type Percentage Spent
Circulatory conditions 13.6%
Prevention, colds, basic care 12.0%
Musculoskeletal 9.9%
Respiratory 8.4%
Endocrine 7.3%
Nervous 7.0%
Cancers 6.7%
Genitourinary 6.4%
Injury 6.4%
Digestive 5.9%
Mental Health 4.6%
Infectious Disease 3.4%
Skin conditions 2.2%
Pregnancy/birth 2.2%
Other 4.1%

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, March 3, 2015

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