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End of Life – one of the most difficult subjects

These contributions from the Commonwealth Fund are helpful documents and videos around a very difficult subject – end of life.

Improving Care at the End of Life

As patients live longer, many states, community-based coalitions, and health care providers have begun to focus on the quality—and quantity—of medical care provided at the end of life. The resulting programs have provided physicians with techniques for delivering bad news, managing transitions to palliative care, and handling requests for therapies that are likely to be futile. They’ve also helped to elicit patient preferences, leading to lower utilization in some locations. [Read more]

Using Videos to Help Patients Plan End-of-Life Care

A series of videos developed by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians that includes ethicists and palliative care doctors helps patients understand the risks and benefits of various end-of-life treatments. Designed for patients facing advanced dementia, cancer, and heart disease among many other conditions, the videos capture the experiences of actual patients to illustrate the trajectory of diseases or conditions and spark conversation among physicians, patients, and their caregivers about advanced care planning. [Read more]

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  1. How do I find out if any problems have already been set against assisted-living facility?

    Comment by alzheimers care — November 4, 2013 @ 12:03 am

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