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Patient spending increases as costs are shifted to deductibles and coinsurance

According to a recent blog in the Wall Street Journal by Kaiser Family Foundation’s Drew Altman, while worker’s wages increased 32% from 2004 to 2014, here’s what happend to patient spending during that time period:

  • patient spending on deductibles increased 256%
  • patient spending on coinsurance increased 107%
  • patient spending on copays decreased 26%

Source: “The Next Big Debate in Health Care,” The Wall Street Journal/Think Tank, June 30, 2016,

Coinsurance rate — what’s yours?

The average
coinsurance rate for existing individual and family health plans is 20%,
according to a recent analysis of 9,711 plans.

Source: “Today’s
High Coinsurance Health Plans: Poor Protection Against Medical Expenses &
Will Not Survive Obamacare ,” HealthPocket, March 25, 2013,

Get a basic understanding of health insurance terms – it is elementary

Facilitating State Health Exchange Communication Through the Use of Health Literate Practices – Workshop Summary

Deductible, co-insurance, out-of-pocket limits. Even to those with a basic understanding of health insurance, terms like these can be difficult to explain and understand. Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, many more Americans will be eligible for health insurance through state insurance exchanges by 2014. Many of these individuals are among the 90 million American adults who lack basic health literacy. The IOM held a workshop that focused on ways in which health literate communication techniques can help improve communication to potential enrollees.

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