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Is this the beginning of the reshaping of the primary care delivery model

EMS Jobs Are Projected to Increase 15% by 2026


Modern Healthcare recently released a data brief on employment trends for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Here are some key findings from the report:


There were 248,000 EMT and paramedic jobs in 2016.
The median annual pay for EMTs and paramedics is $32,670.
The amount of EMT and paramedic jobs are projected to increase 15% by 2026.
EMS professionals respond to 37 million calls annually.
There are an estimated 21,283 EMS agencies nationwide.
There are about 81,295 EMS vehicles (ambulances, helicopters, fire trucks).



Source: Modern Healthcare, December 16, 2017

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Shorter pauses in CPR before, after shocks up survival odds

Cardiac arrest patients were 53% less likely to survive if the paramedic team paused CPR for more than 20 seconds before administering defibrillator shocks compared with those with pauses of less than 10 seconds, a study in the journal Circulation found. Researchers found worse odds of survival in those who had pauses of more than 40 seconds before and after defibrillation. But data showed that differences in post-shock pauses before resuming CPR were not associated with differences in survival rates through hospital discharge. HealthDay News (6/20)

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